Physician Comments

Physician comments from a Market Research Study, Van De Yacht & Assoc., Wausau, WI

  • Ellen has excellent hands-on-skills and excellent patient education. No other physical therapist in the area comes close.
  • Only Ellen does what Ellen does. She offers a continuation to care which is patient specific. Ellen's goal is to never see you again.
  • I appreciate the teaching she does, and also the time Ellen takes during the initial consultation - I know patients really like that.
  • Ellen is exceptional, her treatment is excellent and she communicates well with patients.

I have personally worked with Ellen as have several of our Residents. I can vouch highly for her techniques and success of her therapy. I have sent several very difficult back and neck problems to Ellen, and invariably she has been successful when other therapists and chiropractors have not.

Robert E Cadwell,MD
Program Director, Wausau Family Practice Center

Patient Comments

After over 10 years of recurring episodes of lower back pain, my primary care physician suggested that I see a well-known northcentral WI neurologist. It was that individual who recommended that I see Ellen Morton for help with my condition.

Ellen provided an in-depth assessment of my condition and a customized treatment and exercise program to relieve my pain and help me achieve my physical health goals.

Ellen is a knowledgeable, dedicated and caring professional who helped me overcome my lower back pain. It was as the result of the help I received that I was finally able to get off of what had become a "treadmill" of recurring (and seemingly never-ending series of) chiropractic treatments.

My advice: If you are going to spend your time and money to work on your back and neck problems, why not use the best? Go see Ellen Morton at the Back & Neck Wellness Center.

Paul LaVanway

I want to thank you for meeting with me at Beyond Muscle and walking through each machine so methodically with me.

Your knowledge and passion for all things "back and wellness" is quite evident. You are a living testament to your profession, but maybe more important, your personal care goes beyond what is expected and speaks to your character, integrity and time concern for your patients. You are unassuming but you have impacted my life in ways unimaginable.

So thank you, for caring about more than our injury, more than a paycheck- I think of you often, quote you often - and thank God for bringing you into my life.

Alice Hartke

I had a shooting pain down my left leg that was creating a limp and inhibiting me from walking, sitting or lying comfortably. I went to see Ellen at Back and Neck Wellness Center. She told me I would be fixed in a couple days. It was hard for me to believe since the pain had been there for weeks. Amazingly Ellen was right! With her expertise she was able to identify immediately what the problem was and gave me exercises and stretches to do several times a day. I am pain free and have her to thank. Skip the chiropractor - Ellen is better and does not create an on-going program like chiropractor. She'll teach you how to mend and stay mended! Thanks Ellen.

Debbie Clements

Best physical therapy I've ever had. She incorporates yoga into her work. She sends you home with instructions on how to care for yourself....a Godsend...


I wanted to thank you for the impact that the exercises have had on my life. I am pain-free most days and have been off medication for over a year. The quality of my life has changed so dramatically. It is hard to know how I functioned before.

At this time of Thanksgiving, I am so grateful for you.

Sue Thompson

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful help you have given to my back, neck and headaches! You have done more good than 10 years of a neurologist! I just wish I would have found you years ago!

You are a very neat person, as well, which makes finding you even better! I have definitely recommended you to several people. Let's hope it doesn't take them as long as it did me to make the call!

Thanks again!

Susie Toenjes

I can't begin to thank you for agreeing to see me yesterday without an appointment and for effectively treating my back problem. I haven't had this much hope with regard to the healing of my back injury & chronic pain in years! Thank you, again!

Rebecca Kermitz

I suffered a bad fall 2 years ago that injured my back and neck. Within weeks of seeing Ellen, the majority of my back and neck muscle pain was relieved, for the first time in 2 years! Ellen taught me exercises to keep my spine in alignment and strengthen my back muscles. As a result, I am doing yard work again, taking long walks and sleeping better. I've learned the importance of good posture and regular exercise too. Ellen's therapy gave me back a normal life.

Mary E Jobs