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Welcome! To The Back & Neck Wellness Center.

Hello! My name is Ellen J Morton, and I want to welcome you to my world. . . where back and neck pain don't exist, because no "body" slouches, and no "body" moves poorly.

The Secret To A Pain-Free Spine

I know why you're visiting this site. You've been seeing the chiropractor as needed for 15 years now. You've done your due diligence with the physical therapist for the usual 2-3 visits per week for 4-8 weeks. Maybe you're still on medication that you'd really rather not be taking. (Advil and Tylenol count as medication).

In about the time it takes to brush your teeth, I want you to understand why your back still hurts you, and what you can do about it - now. It's not hard. And yes, you can do it.

Millions of people in the world live vigorously active lives through their elderly years, and they do it without any pain whatsoever. Let's call them the Painless Spine People. We've actually studied them with our x-ray machines and MRI's. Guess what? We don't find bulging discs, herniated discs, degenerative joints, or any of the other popular diagnoses we have for chronic neck and back pain.

So the reason why you're hurting? OK - be careful here! This might sting a little: It's because you sit poorly, and you bend poorly over your work. And over your chores. And your hobbies. And your dinner. (Ouch!! sorry if that was harsh, but you do, and you know you do. You're doing it right now).

Painless Spine People sit and move correctly, by habit, all the time. Without even stopping to think about it. No questions asked. For these people, proper posture and body mechanics just happen, as easily as breathing.

You Cannot Be Pain-Free Without Consistently Good Posture and Body Mechanics.

"But Ellen, I really try to sit up straight!  It's hard!!  I do bend my knees when I lift!!"

To that I say: "Good!! Please keep up the effort!". But understand that years of using your body in an inefficient manner have left you with some muscles shorter here, longer there; some really strong here, but weak over there. All of which cause your spine to dysfunction. And then it's all over. You're already at a disadvantage before you get out of bed in the morning.

So Here's The Good News You're Really Going To Like

You have the very same equipment that the Painless Spine People do. Exact same equipment. You may have one of many interesting anomalies, like scoliosis or an extra vertebra. But all spines have a pain-free place to be. My job is to find that place for you, and teach you how to live there.

For Busy People Only - More Good News

In my 28 years of specializing in back and neck treatment, I have helped hundreds of people learn how to be pain-free, often within days, and certainly within 2 weeks. Most people who leave a first visit with me are at least 50% improved, and 100% encouraged.

In about half the cases I see, only one visit is needed. The others are in charge of their own care and somewhere around 80% improved within an additional 2-3 visits. If you're in really bad shape, it might takes us 5 or 6 visits.

In 2 or 3 cases per year, I ask people to see a medical doctor who specializes in spine care. They really don't want to go. Their resistance finally breaks when they hear me say something like: "How much longer can you go on with this much pain? How many more sleepless nights? How many more lost days of work? You can't live like this and it's silly to wait any longer."

You don't have to wait any longer either. Relief, even full relief, is easier than you think. It's not hard. You can do it.

I'll help you.

Call, or email, today.
dr. ellen morton

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