What Do Physical Therapists Do?

Simply put, physical therapists, or “PT’s”, evaluate body parts that hurt or don’t work right. Whether it’s your shoulder joint that hurts, or lower back pain relief that you need, a good PT can help you. Since I am a spine PT, I will keep my comments back and neck related.

A good PT wants to know what causes back pain. A few of the things we’ll look for can include: muscles that are weak or too short; vertebra that don’t move well with those above and below it; loss of motion; inflammation.

Then, we use time-honored and evidence-based strategies that can provide relief quickly. For example: tissue release techniques similar to massage, spinal joint mobilizations that restore motion and relieve pain, or modalities like ultrasound to reduce swelling and pain.

The trademark of PT’s however, is not so much what we do to you, but rather what we can teach you to do for yourself. We are the exercise experts! and you will almost always be given instructions at the first visit that you can use for immediate relief.

How Do Physical Therapists Differ From Other Providers?

Many people benefit greatly from the services of massage therapists or chiropractors. You should know however, that many of these practitioners are trained to teach you that you will need them regularly, and maybe forever. And in some cases, this may be appropriate care.

Physical therapists, on the other hand, are eager to get you taking good care of yourself, successfully and independently.

Our musculoskeletal systems – our muscles and bones – are remarkably designed to work efficiently and painlessly for a lifetime. If used as directed!  PT’s have read and studied the owners’ manual for you: within a minimum of visits, we can get you back on track. Continue as directed, and you can join the millions of others who have returned to pain-free living.

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